This blog deals with the social issue of mental illness, to help those suffering from mental illnesses so that they understand who they are or who they can be in Christ!

The core aim of this blog is to help everyone understand how to live from a perspective of victory whether you suffer from mental illness or not. God loves everyone and He wants everyone to know the truth as it is the source of freedom.

John 8:32 New Life Version (NLV)
32 You will know the truth and the truth will make you free.”


The Difference Between Superstition and Faith

Don’t tell me there’s no difference between superstition and faith. Because the sad reality is that many people, especially skeptics, like to brand faith as just another representation of superstitious belief. So, in this post, my goal is to outline the difference between superstition and faith to clear up all the confusion within our minds. …

The Importance of Convictions and Boundaries

Our world seems to encourage the abandonment of moral boundaries and convictions. And this lack of convictions and personal boundaries within people often leads to violations of the conscience or issues with mental health. That is why in this post, my goal is to teach you the importance of convictions and boundaries within one’s life …

About Me

My name is Andre, and I am a high school student in love with Jesus. I created this blog for the glory of God so that anyone can learn what it means to understand the rawness of the love of Christ and be set free.