This blog deals with the social issue of mental illness, to help those suffering from mental illnesses so that they understand who they are or who they can be in Christ!

The core aim of this blog is to help everyone understand how to live from a perspective of victory whether you suffer from mental illness or not. God loves everyone and He wants everyone to know the truth as it is the source of freedom.

John 8:32 New Life Version (NLV)
32 You will know the truth and the truth will make you free.”


God Who Knew You From Before the Foundation of the Earth

This whole post finds its foundation on one Bible verse. This Bible verse is Ephesians 1:4. It very much reveals the heart of Lord Jesus Christ, the God who knew you from before Earth’s foundation. Unfortunately, most people today fail to understand this as seen by current reactions to new court rulings in America. And …

About Me

My name is Andre, and I am a high school student in love with Jesus. I created this blog for the glory of God so that anyone can learn what it means to understand the rawness of the love of Christ and be set free.